Of Sacrifices Made - Sondliwe Pamisa

  • Of Sacrifices Made - Sondliwe Pamisa

A limited edition print of Sondliwe's exclusive painting, as part of Assembly House's black Joy Matters commissions. Each print is signed and editioned by the artist and comes with an exclusive pan-African Yorkshire rose sticker, designed by Kevin Chege.

Sondliwe says, "I created this piece purely as a representation of presence. As a painter, colour and shape are my first language but it is through the act of painting and slowing down that I have the opportunity to reflect and rediscover what is often right in front of me. It is right in front of you, but you have to be ready to receive it and that often comes when you listen, slow down, and reflect."

"Everything in life has come to be because of decisions made. As history is a thing really for the present, the choices made today affect our tomorrows. With that being said, sacrifices were made in faith, by the ones who came before us for us to be where we are today. Sacrifices made for our lives to be something other than what this world has decided for me."